Emanating from humble beginnings, we are rooted, emotionally, to our community. Reaching the top rungs of the success ladder would not have been possible without our heritage and the people who gave us their skills and knowledge. Today, decades later, RB Wovens is established as a professional institution with international expertise.

We stand strong on our commitments, both to our community and the quality of our products. This determination, to provide the best, and our thirst to be knowledgeably sound and technically the most advanced, has led us to be exporters of the highest quality bed linen, fashion bedding, table linen and kitchen linen.

We have a people-first and sustainable approach to our activities. We use renewable energy resources for our entire manufacturing process and we still have 100% extra green energy to consume for further expansions.

Our unmatched infrastructure, skilled workforce and sustainable approach accede us to be highly competitive and flexible in our timelines. Equipped with the latest technological innovations, we are the largest producers of wide width Jacquard fabrics. Skilled craftsmanship combined with the highest standard equipment has enabled us to provide various different weaves including jacquard, which tell tales of class, comfort, and satisfaction in many segments including retail and hospitality.

Our workforce is mainly from local communities, people looking for stability, gainful employment and opportunity to develop a skill. We offer them a safe and clean environment. A commitment to balance business needs and a sustainable livelihood with minimal environmental impact is our priority. Further, we have taken various measures to empower local communities including education and healthcare.

Welcome to a world where technical expertise meets creative acumen.